Join the Spartan High School Challenge

What is a Spartan Race?

  • Spartan Race is the first timed and internationally ranked obstacle-racing series.
  • Spartan is on a mission to get you active, healthy, and excited about fitness.
  • Obstacle Racing offers a variety of challenges throughout the course to test your speed and dexterity.
  • Our events are all about you challenging yourself!


Why Obstacle Course Racing?

  • Be 100% involved, 100% of the time.
  • No team try-outs or substitutions.
  • No physical prerequisites required.
  • No equipment or special clothes to purchase.
  • Participate for your own goals.


What does the Spartan High School Challenge entail?

  • The course will be roughly a 3-mile course with 15+ obstacles.
  • You will be competing against thousands of teens like you in a heat just for you.
  • Sign up for our Workouts of the Day (WOD) email or get them on our Facebook page


Spartan H.S. Race Details


Spartan H.S. Race Pricing

  • $25 until six months before the race.
  • $30 until three months before the race.
  • $35 until one month before the race.
  • $40 until online registration closes.

**Students - sign up 10 peers and get free race entry**


2013 Race Locations - How to sign up for a Spartan H.S. Challenge

STEP 1: click an event to visit the events Registration page your interested in

  1. 3/24/13 Carolinas Sprint
  2. 5/19/13 Texas Sprint
  3. 6/2/13 Tri-State Sprint
  4. 8/11/13 New England Sprint
  5. 9/22/13 Vermont Beast
  6. 12/9/13 Malibu Sprint


STEP 2: Fill in your name, email address and state to start the registration process

STEP 3: On the 2nd registration page,  look for the SUNDAY heat labeled “HIGH SCHOOL CHALLENGE” and click that link

STEP 4: This heat is password protected so type in the pass code “HSC”

STEP 5: Go through the registration process and get signed up!


What other teens have been saying about the Spartan H.S. Challenge?

“It’s a competition between you and yourself to become better. And after the Spartan Race you are a completely different person,”

~ Austin Beauregard, 15.


“I like it because you feel good when you finish. You feel like you’ve done something. I enjoy the challenge.”

~ McKenzie Apjohn, 14.


How can I get my school involved?

Below are three documents you can hand to your Principal or Athletic Director to help them further understand obstacle course racing and get you one step closer to bringing Obstacle Course Racing to your school.


(letter to school doc)

(letter to coaches doc)

(why OCR doc)