The Spartan Guide to the Sport of Obstacle Racing

Eons ago, we humans lived wild. We threw spears, climbed trees, and hiked through woods and fields and mountains. But somewhere along the way, we traded our wildness for weariness. Instead of throwing spears, we shot rifles. Instead of hunting, we shopped. Instead of running and playing games, we sat and watched tubes. This denial of the inner animal left us unfulfilled, overweight, and bored with our inactive, comfortable lives - until now!


In You'll Know at the Finish Line, Spartan Race founders Joe Desena and Andy Weinberg present a thrilling alternative to mundane, sedentary life in the form of a sport that anyone - yes, anyone - can do. They outline the Spartan training philosophy, inspired by the courage and discipline of the Ancient Spartiates and dedicated to functional exercise, which requires neither equipment nor gym membership - just a body, a will, and the great outdoors.


Packed with comprehensive workout strategies and heartfelt personal testimonies from Spartan Legends like Hobie Call and Lisa Demetriou, You'll Know at the Finish Line blazes the definitive trail for the long-lost sport of obstacle racing.


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David Breashears, executive director of GlacierWorks, wrote the forward to this eBook. At GlacierWorks, each day we spend in the field documenting changes to Himalayan glaciers is like a Spartan Race in which we test our limits in bitter winds and at high-altitude. Please support our work and learn more about the fragile glaciers at the "roof of the world" by clicking here!


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