Spartan Point Ranking System 2013

The race to Vermont is on, and 2013 promises to keep the excitement going as Spartan race continues to lead obstacle racing with the most competitive racing format and ranking system. Below are some notes to help you understand your ranking, which you can find here.



The 2013 Points Season consists of races following the 2012 World Championship, beginning with the Carolinas Race Oct 13, 2012 and culminating in the 2013 World Championship to be held in Vermont on 09/21/2013.


Over the course of the 2013 Spartan Race Season, we're going to take your top 5 best races and use them to calculate your points ranking.



This years points series have been divided into two separate fields for Open & Elite, the top of which will be deemed the “Spartan 300”.


Here are how points are broken down within each group:


SR 300 Elite Points Open Points
300 Overall Gender Placement 95 Overall Gender Placement
0 Age Group Placement 195 Age Group Placement
0 Participation Points 10 Participation Points
300 Total Points Possible 300 Total Points Possible


To qualify for SR300, competitors must race in designated Elite heats. Elite racers’ five best scoring races (within the elite heats) will determine their total ranking scores. Open racers’ points will be aggregate for the season, and they are not eligible for series prizes or awards. Moreover, SR300 Elite represents the top 300 male and female competitors determined by points ranking leading into the completion year. The top 150 men and 150 women will receive additional perks like:

  • Wholesale pricing on Spartan fuel
  • Priority for Saturday Wave 1 and 2 Elite Heats
  • Ability to apply for SR300 invitation-only events
  • SR300/Spartan profile pages vanity URLS
  • Incentives programs for stewardship
  • Discounts on sponsor merchandise

There are no points for relays.



Your point score will be based on your performance against the winners time in age group and overall measures as represented above. Simply put, if you take twice as long, you get half the points as the winner.


The points attributed to the race performance are then weighted according to the Spartan Race Hierarchy as follows:


Beast: 100% | Super: 98% | Sprint: 96%



Your point score will be:

  • Age group leaders male and female nationally
  • Age group leaders male and female regionally
  • Age group leaders male and female in distance championships



  • Top 20 male and female point leaders globally
  • Performance at The Killington Beast, Spartan Race’s World Series Championship

Cash Purse Sponsored by Navy Federal Credit Union. In addition to the Points Purse, we are proud to announce that Navy Federal Credit Union has ponied up a $7,500 cash for each of the following 2013 Spartan Race events: SoCal, Arizona, Las Vegas, Texas Sprint, Washougal, and Virginia. The top 3 male and top 3 female finishers in our ELITE wave on Saturday will take home $2,000 for 1st Place, $1,000 for 2nd Place, and $750 for 3rd Place respectively.



  • Cross event performance. AthLinks will now provide team stats in aggregate across the season. A new set of utilities is coming in March.

*Spartan Race reserves the right to change awards as we deem necessary. **Spartan Race reserves the right to change the points factors and indicator algorithms used to make our calculations at any time.