Challenge your Friends

Challenge your Friends Build a Team

Build a Spartan TeamAll you ever wanted to know about team racing

Register as a Team Captain and add Team members, or Join an Existing Team! The more people you can get to join your team, the more money you will get in your pocket! Team rebates are as follows:

  • Teams of 4-15 members each receive a $5 rebate.
  • Teams of 16-29 members each receive a $10 rebate.
  • Teams of 30+ members each receive a $15 rebate.
Rebate will occur a few weeks AFTER the event and will be applied to the method of payment for that specific registration (I.e. whatever credit card you used to make purchase).

Teams of four or more will also be eligible for Team timing. We will use the times from your team's top 4 racers to configure your team's finishing time.


Creating a Team: If you're the first member of your team to register choose the "Create a Team" option and become the team captain. You will then have the ability to pick a team name and password for your team. You can send out an email to your friends, family, and co-workers to join the team you have created. They will receive an email with a unique link to join your team. If potential team members want to join your team without the unique link they must know your team name and password. This will ensure that you are all on the same team.

Joining a Team: You can join an existing team through two options:

Option 1: You are emailed the unique registration link by your team captain that brings you to the specific team registration page.

Option 2: You know your team name and password. On the registration page click "Join an Existing Team" and search for your team. There you will be prompted for the password and can register with your team.

Strength comes in numbers! Become a part of a team to help you and others get through the event, save money, and support our troops. Click HERE for our events page to start building your team before time runs out!

NOTE: For USA racers ONLY!