Birmingham Spartan Sprint

Birmingham Spartan Sprint obstacle course trail race

SPARTAN SPRINT: Dominate in the SPARTAN SPRINT and win entry into a SUPER SPARTAN

Registration FeesSpartan Sprint Fee Schedule

Individual 4-Person 10-Person Until
£25 £88 £200 March 15th
£30 £108 £250 May 31st
£35 £128 £300 September 24th
£40 £148 £350 September 29th (registration closes)



September 29th (3 Days before the race) at 12PM registration will be closed. Absolutely NO registrations will be accepted after this time.
You will be unable to modify any details of participant registration information after this time.

Race Day InformationStart Times

Heats of up to 250 people will leave at the following times

10AM, 10.30AM, 11AM 11.30AM, 12PM, 12.30PM and 1PM


If you select the 1PM Heat you will have the option to turn the race into
a 10K race by completing the course twice.

Location InformationGamecock Barracks

Wolvey Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 6QN, UK

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On-site Parking available